A few principles of food and wine pairing

Would you like to receive distinguished guests for a Christmas, New Year's meal or for other exceptional ceremonies?

So you will have to find the wine that best matches each of your dishes. And in the world of wine as in that of love, "like attracts like" and on the other hand, "opposites attract".
These two maxims which may seem contradictory apply very well in the world of wine.

"Birds of a feather flock together!"

What is appreciable in this theory is that it is very easy to apply!

The principle is to choose the wine that most resembles the dish served. The criteria of appearance are always physical!

For example, if the dish has a predominantly white color, such as fish with rice, then a delicate white wine is the best alternative. Otherwise, for dishes with rare meats such as rib steak with pepper sauce, it will be natural to turn to a red wine!

Lesson number one: consider the color of your dish when choosing the color of your wine.

"Judge Personality"

Note that besides the physical criterion, you also have a moral principle. This is the personality of the wine to be selected.

If your plate is rich in flavors and with many aromas, you must opt ​​for a bottle with several flavors.
Conversely, if your dish has a single flavor tone: like a fruit, a single scent, a single spice; then a wine with a main note identical to this aroma will go very well!

Season well to increase acidity

The acidic flavor of the dish should not be neglected either, because it is very difficult to pair wines with acidic sauces whether in the form of lemon juice, vinegar or citrus fruits, etc. In this case, we advise you to choose the wine that comes closest to these aromas. These are often present in white wine.

"Opposites attract"

On the other hand, the opposition recommends rather that the vine juice chosen should disagree in taste with the dish. This is why it is very important to take into account the accompaniment of your dish. It is in this context, for example, that green vegetables can reduce the quality of a complex wine.

This is not at all the case for mushrooms which will increase the taste of the latter. You don't have to stress about rice and potatoes which are pretty neutral. That's why you have to go for classic combinations, because they are always effective.

Other Factors to Consider for Wine and Food Pairing

When you want to find a vine juice that will enhance the taste of your meal, you can also use some interesting tips.

Consider the type of sauce.

The sauce of your dish is a criterion that is more decisive than the nature of the basic element of your plate. For example, if you want to serve rabbit prepared with red wine and prunes, turn to an evolved vine juice. Marriage is not done in the same way, as part of a forest rabbit. The latter goes well with a light or woody vine juice.

A simple wine for a simple dish

If you have a plate that is not very spicy, that is to say that only releases one or two flavors, leave the complex vine juice aside. This will tend to overpower the taste of your food. Reason why a simple liqueur is also welcome. The goal is to ensure that the two components have the same tonality.

Sweet wine for a very spicy dish

If you are dealing with a dish that is too full-bodied, you should select a sweet vine juice. Indeed, the sweetener will blend behind the different spices and vice versa. Your taste buds will only retain the spicy, non-spicy side of the dish. For example, for chicken curry, you should take demi-sec Loire wine. Generally, red vine juices do not always go well with this type of dish. Except in the case where you opt for a very rich and heady model.

Some examples of food and wine pairings

Here are some ideas for pairing dishes and juices from the trellis that can help you. Of course, it also depends on taste.

Simple wine for a starter

As part of a starter, you should rather favor light wine. More precisely, it is recommended to go in crescendo. This goes for the potency, quality, and even the intensity of your liquor. For example, you can start with a sweet sparkling before continuing with a simple red or white vine juice.

For red or white meat

When you have to offer this type of food, turn to a very full-bodied wine. It is common knowledge that this type of liqueur knows very well how to cover the pronounced taste of certain meats such as game. If you offer beef instead, a strong red vine juice is recommended. It's a way of adding value to your plate.

As part of a dessert

If you have opted for chocolate for dessert, imagine that red wine can easily be integrated into your table. The latter brings a much sweeter flavor to these pastries. Some biscuits can easily be accompanied by white or rosé vin de la treille.

You now have some ideas for a perfect pairing between food and wine. Do not hesitate to use our questionnaire which will guide you towards the wines which correspond best to your dishes.

Good tasting always in moderation!

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