How much wine and champagne should be provided for a wedding?

Is your wedding day fast approaching? Perhaps you are having difficulty identifying the number of bottles of wine you need to plan? Then it is necessary to make a calculation. This will allow you to solve this puzzle as quickly as possible. If you don't know how to go about it, here are some tips that will help you determine the ideal quantity of wine to celebrate this event in the most beautiful way!

The amount of champagne needed

In most cases, champagne is a drink that should be served during the reception. However, you can also plan it for other times, such as dessert or for the evening that will take place after the wedding meal. A bottle of champagne or crémant can serve about 6 to 7 glasses. However, it is necessary to determine how many cups you need to award to one person.

If you want to make a fair distribution, it is advisable to choose one bottle for three guests. This will allow you to offer two glasses of champagne per guest. However, if you intend to serve another drink as a supplement, it is best to stick to one cup per person.

The ideal amount of red wine

Red wine usually accompanies the main course of your menu. You must therefore provide it in large quantities. It is indeed the bottles of red wine that stay on the table the longest. Therefore, your guests will tend to refill. Just like champagne, a bottle of wine can serve between 6 and 7 glasses. If you intend to put your guests at ease, you can provide 2 glasses for each of them.

In case you choose red wine as the main accompaniment to your main course, one bottle will be enough for two people. However, if your hosts are very festive, you can provide two bottles for three guests. Finally, if your menu includes a cheese dish, you must count another glass of wine per person.

The quantity of white wine to provide

White wine is generally served as an appetizer or dessert. This means that you must first decide if you need a certain amount of wine to accompany your entree.

However, the consumption will be less, because this bottle will stay on the table for less time. Indeed, guests will turn less to this bottle except in the event of high temperatures. In this case, we advise you to provide the same quantities as those you have chosen for red wine.

Quality for dessert and evening

During the dessert or the wedding evening, it is possible that some of your guests will still be thirsty. In this case, you can provide a few drinks to quench their thirst. However, make sure they don't take too much. This is especially valid for those who have to take the wheel.

Of course, the quantity of wine or crémant to provide for your wedding may vary depending on the number of your guests. If you still have difficulty determining the ideal quantity, you can always use our quantity simulator by clicking on the link below:

Quantity simulator .


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